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Palm Beach Fitness photography is just waiting for you to come on the scene. I want to say i see you! First for the hours of hard work, second all the pools of sweat, all while fully supporting your fitness brands. Why not showcase your love, your determination and grit with a Palm Beach Fitness Photography photoshoot?

Bodybuilding, Physique, Power lifters and more!

C.D.R.Visuals, Palm Beach Fitness photography, takes your hard work, in any fitness avenue, or body type by showing it in the  best light possible. The three main body types  C.D.R.Visuals sees are as follows:

- ectomorphs (lean & long framed anatomies)

-Mesomorphs (Musclar & well built frames)

- endomorphs (bigger usually strongmen with massive figures)

For as long as I can remember fitness and sports has always been hobbies. Fortunately with time I was able to play 3 years of collegiate level rugby. Talk about a rush! During that time I was fascinated with bodybuilding. Bodybuilding became a stable in my life.

I studied everything that dealt with posing, workouts, and nutrition. Undoubtedly that led to today. Now, I have the privilege to capture top level athletes, brand ambassadors, and fitness enthusiast at the top of their game with my camera strapped to my hand.

So What is Palm Beach fitness photography really?

Fitness photography is art by capturing individuals engaged in sports or other fitness activities in clear, eye catching imagery. Thus, common places you see fitness photography being implemented are the gym, outdoor spaces, and stadiums. While most people associate fitness photography with modeling sports wear there is actually more to this aspect than we realize. Models, professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts , trainers are all examples of people who are often subjects of this particular type of photography. These Individuals usually are dedicated to keeping fit and having healthy physiques daily. Thus some even join contest or audition for certain roles that require a certain build. 

"C.D.R.Visuals sets out to build impressive portfolios aiding athletes, models, and you in their careers"

We Want to Capture you in Superhuman form!

Regardless of why you want or need a fitness photographer C.D.R.Visuals can help guide through the world of photography. First by teaching fitness photography lighting, posing, and fitness tips. This is fitness photography geared towards achieving your personal goals and the best creative imagery as a team. So, C.D.R.Visuals knows working with like-minded individuals breeds success in anything.  One thing we love to do is Meeting new or upcoming fitness enthusiasts, athletes of all levels, fitness corporations, or supplement and nutrition brands. This helps us develop quality imagery for an individuals or brands. So, My goal is to help you feel comfortable with the process while capturing head turning images.

How is C.D.R.Visuals Different and what makes our fitness photography stand out?

At C.D.R.Visuals we see fitness photography from three main elements that blend together: fitness, lifestyle, and business. Business and lifestyle for fitness directly impacts a persons personal brand in the industry, but we will talk about that next.

Fitness imagery can is for numerous individuals. Ones that just look good wanting to be an inspiration or to competitors looking to capture the moment on stage. Fitness and Physique photography allows an individual many creative avenues to display their transformation in a creative, but unique idea. thus freeze framing the human body at its peak form.  Its for everyone! C.D.R.Visuals wants you to be your own motivation just as you see your favorite athletes on magazine covers. When people see these images they instantly feel admiration and a sense of determination to adopt a fitness routine or maintain a healthy active lifestyle. So Are you ready to grace your own magazine cover?

What does the C.D.R.Visuals Session Rate include?

C.D.R.Visuals is about personalizing the experience making it uniquely representative to you and your idea of fitness. Even if its fitness, business, or lifestyle content for a brand. I know that  individuals in the fitness industry or a healthy lifestyle, the individual can have a sponsorship, ambassadorship, or is dealing with direct marketing of their brand. Meaning the individual is the brand. That's  why C.D.R. Visuals Rate per session includes the following:

Booking Fee $99

  • Unlimited time
  • Online image proofing and Image Selection
  • Retouched images (within 3 weeks - business days) for download
  • Unlimited Looks
  • Assistance in clothing selection, Posing coaching, pre-shoot meet or consolation
  • $25 Each Image Selected for Edit
  • Multiple Locations available upon Request ($40 per request if its more than 15 min to additional location)
    *Albums/Prints made upon request (Cost Varies with client needs)
    *Rates listed are for bookings in South Florida only
    *Gym Rentals must be made by client and any fees associated with space rental paid by client

Fitness, lifestyle, and business isn't just for personal trainers, fitness models, athletes , and influencers. If you are serious about your fitness goals, brand exposure, want professionalism, or quality content this will 100% benefit you. Your images could be used for numerous ways from social media post, gifts, on websites, inside e-books, or promotional material. C.D.R.Visuals content allows you to establish, share, and strengthen you personal goals or brand as well as an effective way to bring in new leads or supporters to your business or personal lifestyle.

At C.D.R.Visuals the main idea is present the opportunity to any individual to spend a few hours with me in the gym, studio, or on location, gathering professional imagery for personal use or branding use. This is all based off of what you, the client, needs or wants at the time. I plan to deliver what you are looking for!

How to standout with creative content for your brand and advertising?

Here are C.D.R.Visuals, I believe that, fitness & Physique Photography is about illuminating the power, strength, grace, and beauty of the human body at its ultimate peak. Male or female, it doesn't matter, its about displaying the confident individual you have shaped yourself to be. With over 500 million Instagram users active daily along with other social media platforms  (twitter, YouTube, Facebook, tik tok), Thus We know content is king.

If you want a brand to standout visual content has a massive impact on developing you or a brand. A constant feed of quality content helps individuals stand out and that content helps develop deeper relationships between the content creator and the viewer. This relationship helps viewers get to know, like, and trust the creator. Who can help C.D.R.Visuals with Fitness photography palm beach.

Your brand evolves every year so should your content, with Adversting Photography!

This is why influencer marketing works so well. Constant engagement brings you or your brand closer and secures a repour with the follower or supporter. Why is this important you may be asking? So, The more an audiance sees your quality content, gets to know you, the more secure the trust an individual will have with you , your product, and service.  Throughout a single year you, your brand, and the content associated with the brand is constantly evolving and improving from new skills  the individual acquires. A person or a brand needs to update year round the quality content and imagery to match the very message they or you are presenting to any given audience.

So Whats really neat about the fitness or branding shooting idea is that its capturing the fitness, business and lifestyle imagery without you having to be lean year around. Thus you are able to create and book a session with C.D.R.Visuals anytime during the year. We know that there are certain aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle that isn't always about muscle, but  incorporating and capturing the processes behind a healthy lifestyle.

Advertising Photography isn't necessarily a Physique photoshoot

That's perfect because it allows the creative avenue to extend our photography services offered by C.D.R.Visuals to capture the behind the scenes, everyday hustle that an individual puts into their own image, fitness business, corporation, or brand. That includes the the individuals that might be thinking "I'm not a fitness model", you don't have to be.

This isn't a physique shoot per say, unless that is exactly what you are looking then C.D.R.Visuals does provide that service at as well. The fun thing to remember is the imagery that best represents you and your needs can be of you training, coaching a client, client check ins, preparing meals (meal- prep as competitors call it), or even lifestyle shots on location.

If I want Gym photography is that possible with C.D.R.Visuals?

The answer is simply yes, gym photography is an important aspect to you and your vision. However lets not forget that fitness photography can also be outdoors. Both fitness photography outdoors and gym photography have been accomplished, as well as on location. I know that both can be vital to show diversity in a fitness lifestyle. I do ask that if there a specific gym a client has in mind that the client ask the facility and pay any fees that the facility might ask. Other than that C.D.R.Visuals comes to the facility, once permission and a time from the facility is agreed upon, to capture you in full action in the gym.

Are there certain movements or types of fitness photography not captured?

Dead lifts, Bench pressing, Back rows, really anything you could think of we have everything we need to capture you in your element doing something you truly love. This includes the different types of photography that are related to fitness, others might be searching for such as:

Bodybuilding Photography

Physique Photographers

Male Physique Photographers

Female Physique Photographers

While all of these are all fitness related in nature each on one can be slightly different when it comes to lighting. So why not go with someone that not only understands posing the human body, understands the peak muscle contraction in the given movement, and the correct angle to capture the image for the most detailed image!

You worked hard for your results now you deserve the best image to show case you, weather it be bodybuilding,  physique or another athletic related activity.

Pick your place to go all out!

Who you are - what you do - Your story matters

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