The Gold Standard of Performing Arts Photography​

Palm Beach performing arts photography is a hidden gem. As a Palm Beach Performing Arts Photographer I want to tell you, your passion and exiting skills are being seen! First for the years of dedication, second all the long rehearsals, all while fully supporting your personal dreams and goals to dancing on stages around the world. Why not showcase your love, your determination and hearts desires with a Palm Beach Performing Arts Photography photoshoot?

Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Modern and more!

C.D.R.Visuals, Palm Beach Performing Arts photography, takes your skill level, in your specific dance genre by freezing it in motion it in the  best light possible. The three main dance locations C.D.R.Visuals photographs as a Palm Beach Performing Arts Photographer are as follows:

Studio is Great to Add flairs of photography art to images! We can control the light to really highlight the movement and flow of your dancing moves.

This allows us to capture the dancer in their most common and comfortable element. This locations really helps set the tone, story, and speaks volumes of the dance style itself and the lifestyle of a dancer. 

Location can help start a new story of dance, or emphasize a story book feeling with minimal props. Normally Location dance shoots helps bring and specific location that helps the dancer feel free and allows them the dance freedom. 

When I was 6th or 7th grade I was first introduced into choirs. I never truly understood why I would get so nervous about to step on stage but with out  a doubt it always happen. The slight clammy hands, then you were singing 1-3 songs and in that a moment you have the  building on an emotional rollercoster! 

"Performing arts is the most enchanting and emotionally raw energy sources we all can tap into"

For some its speaking in another language to provoke a desired emotion. However, others let their inner soul free with no restrictions on a stage as a blank canvas  and their movements being the medium.  Thus emotions of sorrow, joy, excitement, fear, and so many more the performing arts gives those emotions a voice.

"The voice is so impacting that others have trouble displaying the very feelings presented"

So What is Palm Beach Performing Arts Photography?

Leap to Another Level

West Palm beach Performing arts photography capturing individuals showcasing their passion in their art of choice by etching an image for a lifetime. Thus, people associate performing arts photography with ballet dancers actually more to this aspect than we realize.  As a result dance teachers of all genres, dance studios, actors, musicians, comedians, are all examples of people who are often subjects of this particular type of photography. 

These Individuals dedicate their being to perfecting their emotional connection with their acts and performing daily.

 Thus some join companies or audition for local talent competitions for certain roles that require a certain character traits.


“Dance is a canvas with no rules! Be the brush, paint your story”C.D.R.Visuals 

We Want to Capture you at the height of your passion!

Whatever the reason you want a performing arts or dance photographer, C.D.R.Visuals understands motion and will guide you through the world of photography. First we recognize the movement patterns and posing that works best with your vision. This is performing arts photography geared towards achieving the vision with the best creative team. So, C.D.R.Visuals knows working with creatives that brings ideas breeds success.

We create indepth creative 2D works of art that you want to keep for a lifetime

We love meeting, capturing dancers skills,  as well as artist that want to purse their individual passions. Thus delivering impact portfolios showcasing individuals talents so they feel confident going into any audition. Furthermore at C.D.R.Visuals our promise is to guide you, make you comfortable with the process, as well as capturing at least one show stopping image.

So are you Ready to Rock your audition with a stunning image portfolio?

Performing arts and dance imagery is for numerous individuals. Thus as a Palm Beach Performing Arts Photographer is for anyone trying to pursue their next career goal or a local audition just pursue a passion on stage. Additionally, Dance and Performing Arts photography can heighten a specific emotion or set tone of full portfolio of imagery putting on display the artists creative spirit with unique ideas. 

Its for Dancers of all genres, actors, poets, musicians and more!

C.D.R.Visuals wants you to have the imagery that inspires you teach the next generation of artist or the confidence to step of a Broadway stage because you have an image that was captured to showcase your abilities.  To sum up we want your skills to inspire, evoke true emotion, and passion in your community any individual that looks up to you. In Summary we want you to be the shinning star and the motivation for someone to purse their passion as a lifestyle. 

It allows us to freeze and etch human emotion on display as Art

Want to know what C.D.R.Visuals
Session Rate includes?

C.D.R.Visuals soul focus is about crafting your photoshoot to embrace, capture, and display your skills as an artist, dancer, or performer. Thus the amount of effort and time you put into you passion will be showcased  for all of your effort. In most cases this a single showcase piece for a whole year or audition going after your dreams.

Palm Beach Performing Arts photography isn't just for dancers, musicians, actors, comedians, or performers

C.D.R.Visuals helps academies, companies and individuals showcasing all they have to offer.  Hence your  images can be used on websites to attract new clients, social media post, gifts, inside e-books, promotional material, and wall art to display what your business has to offer. C.D.R.Visuals content allows individuals to strengthen portfolios, business relations,  as well as bringing in new leads.

Palm Beach Performing Arts photography isn't just for dancers, musicians, actors, comedians, or performers

Here at C.D.R.Visuals we intertwine our creative ideas  to craft and capture in a few hours with me on location, in a dance studio,  or studio, or on gathering professional imagery for personal use or businesses needs. Thus, as a rule we base our photo shoot off of what you, the client, needs or wants.

Finally I promise to deliver one image that is more than what you were expecting!

How to standout with creative content by showcasing your skill set?

At C.D.R.Visuals, I believe that, Dance and Performing Arts Photography is about spotlighting the grace, passion, poise , and beauty of the talent of an individual during  a performers big moment and that’s what I plant to capture as  the best Palm Beach Performing Arts Photographer. Male or female, instructor or student, it doesn’t matter, its about displaying the passion, confidence and energy an  individual has shaped themselves to deliver the best performance possible. Thus with all social media platforms twitter, YouTube, Facebook, tik tok, Instagram out there we know content is king.

Your skill set evolves year after year so in order to keep up with content, employ Advertising Photography!

If you want your skill set to stand out from everyone else in the performing arts, standout visual content has a massive impact. Its more than just a one time thing that you have to make sure you have content. It has to be a constant feed of quality! This quality content helps develop and emotional bond of trust between you and a perspective client. Thus when the client is ready or feel like they have level of trust built with you, the bridge to truly making that new client feel one of a kind is a much easier road to travel.,Who can help?  First and foremost C.D.R.Visuals with Performing Arts & Dance Photography of Palm Beach. 

Palm Beach Performing Arts Photography is more for than just businesses!

As a Palm Beach performing arts photographer we know at C.D.R.Visuals that its more than just for businesses. Thus C.D.R.Visuals sees our services the perfect creative avenue to extend our photography services to individuals of all levels. First and foremost a lot of individuals we work display an everyday hustle that an individual puts into their own skills, passion, business, or brand. Hence that includes the individuals that might be thinking “I’m not a dancer, actor, etc”, the cool think is you don’t have to be.

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”

Alfred Stieglitz

This isn’t a dance shoot per say, unless that is exactly what you are looking for then C.D.R.Visuals as the Palm Beach Dance Photographer, does provide that service at as well. Overall the imagery is crafted to capture and represents you the best and your needs. Whether its getting frozen in motion, about to go on stage to perform or just lifestyle shots on location. 

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"Getting the opportunity to photograph with Chase was amazing and I would highly recommend to others. His genuine and passionate personality made me feel comfortable and excited to be in front of the camera. Throughout the session, his professional ability to give direction and creativity made it possible to catch some beautiful moments. Not only did I enjoy the experience of creating the photographs he captured, I received the great quality of the photos quickly after the session. It was such a pleasure to film with Chase and I hope to do it again soon. Thank you!"
Claire Boutte -
Contemporary Dance Instructor

Let me help you capture your creative vision!

Together We use the following combination:

Your Ideas
My Knowledge of Photography
Our Combined Excitement

Create your Photo shoot

What has inspires you to pursue your passion? Now, what if i told you we could capture that inspiration and your passion together in one split second. Would you be interested in freezing that emotion for a lifetime in an image that you could look back on? If the answer is simply yes you have come to right place. 

Today We Create, Tomorrow we Capture

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What type of movements, dance or performing arts photography is captured?

Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and more are just some of the dance types we at C.D.R.Visuals love to capture. Not to mention all the other avenues that pertain to performing arts. This usually includes actors, musicians, comedians, and so many more talented individuals. Overall its about us catering to all forms of artist such as:

  • Dancers
  • Opera
  • Musical Theater
  • Magicians
  • Circus Acts
  • Gymnast 

All of these are performing arts in nature and each one can amplify any mood and tell a story with the right lighting. So why not choose to create amazing visual content with a photographer that can help set and highlight the mood you as a performer want your images to tell!

Your passion, dedication, and hard work has paid off! Now is time to reward yourself with that creative imagery you have been dreaming of creating to best display your talents.