As a west Palm beach Lifestyle photographer, C.D.R.Visuals, will take your confidence and capture it. That’s right! What does your portrait or lifestyle image say about you? Its time to capture you in your given element! Ether it be a studio photo shoot or on location, C.D.R.Visuals will so make your vision come to life and then some. 

Now is the time to Stand out, Larger than life is the new normal. 

Who you Are

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Your story Matters

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West Palm Beach Lifestyle and Portraits in a Nut Shell

Environmental West Palm Beach Lifestyle Photography, Portrait Photography and Studio photography is all about capturing you at the height of your confidence in your everyday environment. Thus We take your personal wow factor and amplify you, to surpass the image in your imagination. Undoubtedly C.D.R.Visuals does this by making you comfortable and relaxed  as you are seen at your best in any element. With a small twist to your everyday posture we will pose you to be the star of  any environment you choose.​

Capturing these moments for you to shine and share.That’s what we do best!

What Does a Lifestyle Photography Session Include?

Here at C.D.R.Visuals we want to give you the best bang for your buck, especially here displaying your West Palm Beach Lifestyle! So how do we manage that? First we ask you to give us, a free, 30 minute consultation. This is where we can decided if you’d like to shoot at a particular location or in a studio. Thus allowing us to plan the perfect setting for your vision. Secondly we don’t rush to create. We purposely allow as much time as needed to get images that you are going to want to share with everyone.

Palm Beach Lifestyle Photography

West Palm Beach lifestyle photography images are the images of your life. Thus this can include Palm Beach Studio Photography. In other words I just don’t want you to have normal life images but larger than life images. In our lifestyle imagery if you want to standout more than you already do. Thus C.D.R.Visuals does photoshoots where you shine in confidence, relaxed, or just being 100% you. Thus From candid power poses to those subtle smiles that light up rooms, we capture your true essence. That essence takes on the form of art with the vision you want to present to the world. This could be a Palm Beach Studio Photography shoot, at a location of choice, or particular atmosphere.  C.D.R.Visuals provides a service to take your vision to the next level.

Have a Particular spot you want to do a photo shoot at in Palm Beach?

That’s awesome i’m so excited to hear your vision and ideas when it comes to how you want to be captured. If not that is totally alright as well. So, why not drop in and contact us with a location and idea and ill personally get back to you with your request.

Who you are – what you do – Your story matters

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My goal is to capture and preserve moments of your life. Freeze framing them showing you as that person that shines. These photos will highlight the passion, power, confidence that you exhibit every step you take. Moments are timeless and thus who you are in every moment is timeless. So why not capture that moment?

I aspire to showcase you in your peak moments saving a sliver of your life story. I want to inspire you to share your authentic uniqueness to the world for all time. 

Who you are - What you do- Your story Matters

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