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What is the Gold Standard of Fitness & Performing Arts Photography in West Palm Beach, Florida?

As a west Palm beach Fitness & Performing Arts  photographer, C.D.R.Visuals, will take your confidence and capture it. I want to help share who you are and your story. Im not talking about just an ordinary photo. I want to capture Who you are and what you do so you have true piece of art to hang on your walls of your office, business, or home. That’s right! What does your Dance or fitness image say about you? Its time to capture you in your given element and tell your story! Either in a studio photo shoot or on location, C.D.R.Visuals will make your vision come to life and then some. 

Now is the time to act, Larger than life is the new normal!

Who you are – What you Do- Your story Matters

West Palm Beach Performing Arts Photography, What story does it tell?

Soar With Us

Dancers soar before C.D.R.Visuals lenses in a myriad of sites. Whether it be in the studio, outdoors, on the stage, a cityscape, or even the beach. In summary C.D.R.Visuals ventures out to where ever a dancers natural rhythm takes hold. This includes places inside and outside the traditional venues of performing arts.”Power , Grace ,Control etching the beauty of dance into still art form.”Its time to leap and fly into the new year with stunning dance images that highlight your dance style.

Interested in soaring to new heights, and putting  your story in flight?

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Dance & Performance Frozen in Time

  • Studio or On Location

West Palm Beach Fitness Photography, Who is it for?

Pop Off The Screen

Fitness Portraiture, Bodybuilding, Physique, or Palm Beach Fitness photography is a specialty here at C.D.R.Visuals.So, what we see at C.D.R.Visuals is the light vision needed to highlight individual muscles with accuracy to display the hard work. Thus C.D.R.Visuals also uses unique lighting techniques to help your gym images pop off the screen as if you are 3D.”You are the superhero in your story. Share it to the world!”In summary if you want a Palm Beach Fitness Photographer that is passionate about capturing you, you have come to the right place!

Are you ready,  your story will be forever in stone? 

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  • Studio or On Location

What is Performing Arts Photography?

This photography is about capturing any dancer of any genre and highlights their individual skill-base. From the beauty of a Ballet dancer drifting around a room to that smooth hip-hop slide. As well as the energetic 3D moves on display of the athletic style of break dancing are captured in eye pleasing 2D art forms.

C.D.R.Visuals sets out to photograph a dancers natural rhythmic frequency and allowing the dancer to display their skills to the world around them.

Hit the Play Button, the time to dance has Arrived.

Thus, now is the perfect time highlight, capture, and freeze your skills. If its for a performance based portfolio, dance company audition, dance company website imagery, or an image you want as a keep sake. 

Is this your Avenue?

What is Fitness Photography?

Fitness portraiture are portraits highlighting an individuals physique, passion, or athletic ability in still form. if its parts of workouts, intense emotion, or wellness of an individual. From personal trainers building websites, gyms showing off their members, to all out fitness competitors of all types. Photographing fitness is critical to every single individual.

C.D.R.Visuals knows that fitness photography varies in terms of athletes and individuals seen listed: Bodybuilding Competitors, Personal Trainers, Gym Owners, Kickboxing/MMA/BJJ, Any Athlete, Fitness Models, Everyday Fitness Enthusiasts, strongmen, also anyone who completed a fitness journey.

In fact the time to set a new standard of intensity has never been better. Display your hard earned physique, show your clients how passionate you about your craft,  but most of all set a tone goal crush it and reward your hard work with a fitness photoshoot. Your Palm beach fitness photographer will not let you down.

Is this your Avenue?

What is Your Photo shoot Process?


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Your Photo Shoot

On the day of your shoot, I will coach you through the photo shoot process.

Image Selection/Editing

images for proofing will be sent to you via a proofing sight, there you will select your final images for us to edit.

Final Delivery

Full size images will be digitally delivered to you via the download site. Finally we highly encourage sharing your new images on your new website, with friends, and family.

Why C.D.R.Visuals

We help you design,
capture and create imagery that stands out, highlighting your story.


C.D.R.Visuals sets the gold standard for Palm Beach fitness & performing arts photography and portraits. Thus It’s time to set a new tone, change the way you see your passion, and set a new idea of content. I shoot because I find peace in showcasing active lifestyles, and capturing those moments. In summary photography can defeat time. Images can keep the memory of a loved one alive, hold a moment in history for future generations, be a witness to tragedy or joy.

Thus as a  West Palm Beach Photographer I personally focus on Palm Beach Fitness Portraiture, Bodybuilding Photography, and Performing arts Photography in the Palm Beach County Area. Thus, Each type of photography has something unique about it to capture and at C.D.R.Visuals we make it our mission to capture the best imagery so that your image becomes and art piece within itself.

Capturing your story and allowing you to shine brighter, is my passion.


Who you are – What you do- Your Story Matters

You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all of your life.

Joan Miro
Chase Rossman Headshot, Maicol Headshots, West Palm Beach Headshot

Our Promise! One image to leave you wanting more and displays the story you want the world to see.

Imagine if the beautiful moments happening in your everyday life were captured in a single photo. Thus a glimpse of a memory will forever be preserved. Altogether memory of your life frozen in time forever as you look at that photo. 

My goal is to capture and preserve those moments of your life. How you may be asking, well its about capturing that one smile! Laugh! or Critical Moment! That is 100% authentic you. Thus capturing  glimmering images of beauty that highlight the passion you exhibit in your everyday life. These Moments are timeless! You are timeless!

Welcome to C.D.R.Visuals Photography! We are here to service Palm Beach county as your West Palm Beach Photographer. 


I aspire to highlight and showcase your life story, inspiring you to share your authentic uniqueness for all time.

Its about you ,leaving your story, and legacy to inspired others to be a better version of themselves. In this world so many people are watching others. The life you live could be the very story that gives another inspiration to keep moving forward. 

Who you are – What you do- Your Story Matters

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